December 7

2017 Christmas Mixtape: A Classic Rock Christmas!

“Sitting here on Christmas Eve, with a brandy in my hand
Oh, I’ve had a few too many and it’s getting hard to stand
I keep hearing noises from my fireplace
I must be going crazy, or the brandy’s won the race.”

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October 23

Igor’s Halloween Party – A Mix for You!

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, the pumpkins are ready for harvest, and…wait…what was that? Did you hear that sound? It came from over by that old cemetery…it can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming! And that means I’ve been spinning spooky tunes for about a month now! And I think it’s time to share.

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October 4


After the gun massacre in Las Vegas earlier this week, where 59 Americans were shot dead and over 500 more injured, there are no more excuses, in my opinion, to put off talking about this nation’s gun violence epidemic any longer. It is time. Many gun fetishists and NRA-brainwashed still don’t get it. Facebook, my account included, is filled with gunheads desperately trying to spin this latest horror, but in reality it’s the NRA’s nightmare come true: A white male, no criminal record, stockpiled with dozens and dozens of legally-purchased assault weapons, deciding for some reason to take aim at his fellow Americans and open fire.It is time to start the long process of dealing with this uniquely American problem.

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September 25

Millions of Americans in Puerto Rico Need our Help NOW!!!

While we all sit around debating whether or not NFL players have the right to take a knee during the national anthem (they absolutely do), millions of our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and the USVI have had their lives upended and are facing a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions… electricity or water (for possibly up to a year), running out of food, infrastructure destroyed, houses ruined, crops laid to waste, etc. etc. Reports out of Puerto Rico especially paint a grim picture of chaos and spreading hysteria.

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August 18

Confederate Statues Commemorate LOSERS and TRAITORS. Discuss.

All this hubbub over removing Confederate statues from American soil…I’m so confused…I mean, the people commemorated by these statues ARE NOT AMERICANS. All of them, EVERY SINGLE DAMN ONE OF THEM, denounced their citizenship to the United States of America in 1861, took a solemn vow to a completely different nation, and then took up arms against this country, killing thousands upon thousands of Americans on the battlefield, largely over their refusal to give up their right to OWN OTHER HUMAN BEINGS AS SLAVES.

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February 28

The Facebook Dungeon #1: Trump’s Yemen Blame Game

Welcome to the very first edition of the Facebook Dungeon! What is it? Simple. It’s where stuff that I would normally post on social media goes to die. Stuff that’s too long, too political, too controversial, or just plain too stupid to actually put on Facebook. I’ve kind of gone off the rails on FB with my anti-Trump political posts, so I’m thinking if I post them here instead, I’ll give my FB friends a little bit of a break. I’m aware of the problem, and I can also tell I’m wearing out my welcome with my words and links and likes and angry faces and all that other associated who-ha. But I’ve got opinions that I think are important, if to nobody else on the planet but me. Putting them down in words makes me feel just a teeny little bit better. Booze also helps.

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