September 17

Brainstem What Now?

I’ve been using ‘brainstembob’ as an email address name for 10 years now. So long in fact that I no longer think anything of it. But that doesn’t stop people from sometimes giving me strange looks when I give them my email. These odd glances always remind me that maybe it is a bit strange. I’d change it to something more professional and ‘normal’ sounding, but after a decade of using it for more website user names and account logins than I can count, it’s too ingrained for me to go to all the trouble of changing it everywhere.

The origin: When I was looking for a name for a brand new yahoo email account way back when, my wife joking threw out “brainstembob” as an option. Apparently (according to her) I have a tendency to not think with the higher-functioning parts of my brain, which leads me to occasionally lose my temper VERY QUICKLY and, without  much (or any) thought, spout off.  Usually something very unfortunate, crude, and/or profane. Hence, my brain is working at the base stem level. According to my wife. Basic stuff like breathing and eye blinking.  I started using it as my email address, and never stopped. I can’t say I’m proud of it, or even like it very much, but I figure it’s stuck around this long, through countless ‘official’ work email address, why stop now?


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