September 20

We Should Be Embarrassed

When kids are being gunned down in the streets, the playgrounds, and basketball courts of this country, EVEN on the south side of Chicago, or Detroit, or East St. Louis, or anywhere else, we’re living in a third world country. All of us.

As long as we continue to write off entire cities and areas of cities as not worth doing anything about, the message will continue to be sent to the people living in those areas that their safety and their lives just aren’t important. We cut funding to the already impoverished schools and social programs. When that happens, desperation sets in; crime and drugs set in; legally-purchased guns trade hands and become illegal guns, and people die in the streets.  The thugs take over, and have more control over these areas than the government that doesn’t care, and violence reigns, and 3 year olds get shot in the face on a basketball court.

If this happened in my white, upper-middle class town, the news trucks would move in and cover the story round the clock for weeks. But it didn’t happen here, it happened on the south side of Chicago, and there’s a new iPhone being released today…..  We need to stop giving up on our people, wherever they live, whatever their income level. We need to start giving a shit about this country, all of it.

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