October 18

Picks of the Week 10/18

I spend a lot of time on the computer for work… As anybody who works on a computer all day long knows, that usually means a lot of browsing around. Every week, I’ll try to cover some of the things I dig and maybe turn you on to something new. Or maybe not. I don’t claim to be an arbiter of good taste, but I do think there are some many things out in the world worth discovering and exploring that don’t always get the attention in the mainstream that they deserve. I love the underdogs, the independents, the artists that march to their own beat….. Here are some of the coolest things I came across this week while, ahem, working:

1. New Wes Anderson Trailer – Wes Anderson creates worlds in his film I want to go to. The eccentric characters, the highly stylized environments…. some consider his movies a bit too ‘twee,’ but I love them ever since seeing Rushmore.  The trailer for his newest film The Grand Budapest Hotel hit this week, and it looks pretty amazing. Check it out.

2. Shag’s Universal Monsters Prints by Dark Hall Mansion – 10 incredibly cool prints by the artist Shag of the classic Universal monsters in various Shag settings. Individually numbered and signed, and incredibly expensive at $1200 for the set. Like all Dark Hall Mansion prints (which are all amazing), these things are expensive, incredibly limited in number, and will probably sell out within minutes. HERE is the info.



3.  Rodriguez, “I Wonder” Video – Rolling Stone shared a video from Detroit’s own Rodriguez. The subject of the Oscar-winning documentary “Searching for Sugarman,”  Rodriguez has lived in obscurity here in the States for decades after recording two albums of astounding music that unfortunately never went anywhere upon their release.  The story goes that, without his ever knowing it, Rodriguez’s music became popular in South Africa, where it acted as a soundtrack to the anti-apartheid movement.  The film follows Rodriguez as he travels to South Africa where he is treated like the Rock Star he really deserves to be.  It’s a very powerful film, and his music is equally powerful.  This new video for his song “I Wonder” follows Rodriguez from the streets of Detroit to the streets of Johannesburg.



4. Light in the Attic Road Trip 2013 – There’s a really cool little independent record label called Light in the Attic that puts out records, mainly from the 60s through the 80s, from obscure artists that at the time of their release got little if any attention. I discovered them when I heard about Rodriguez (see above) as they re-released his albums as well as the Searching for Sugar Man soundtrack.  I’ve become addicted to just about all of their releases, and have devoted a growing chunk of my weekly allowance to their stuff.  They’ve released albums from a diverse group of artists, from Lee Hazelwood to Roky Erickson as well as some incredible compilations.  They go on an annual Road Trip, hauling a truck full of their records to independent record stores around the country, which used to be common practice for record labels back in the day. Along the way, they document their trip and their visits to these vital stores and the always entertaining people who run them.

Have a super weekend!


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