October 18

The Falling of the Leaves: Benefits of Mulching

I love autumn, the cool crisp air, the beautiful colors on the trees, but what I don’t love is what happens when those leaves give it up and hit the ground. Raking, raking, raking, bagging, bagging, bagging…. We can’t burn leaves here in the city, and besides burning leaves contributes to tons of air pollution (though I do love the smell,) so what the heck? I can only get the boys to do so much raking before they openly revolt. This year I’m giving up the raking (as much as possible) by mulching those suckers with the lawn mower. I’ve done this before to a smaller degree but this year I’m going to try to not rake any leaves. It’ll probably mean more frequent mowing (so I don’t make too much of a mess) but it’ll be better for my lawn and the planet by grinding those leaves up and letting it compost into the soil as free fertilizer. You can read more about such things HERE.

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