October 25

Picks of the Week 10/25

October’s almost over, damn! Here’s my Top Five time-wasters for this work week:

1. Sarah Silverman pilot!!  NBC passed on this Sarah Silverman pilot, called ‘Susan 313.’  Kind of funny, but I can see why they didn’t pick it up. Nevertheless, I love Sarah Silverman and wonder how this show would have evolved. I mean, ever see the pilot episode of Seinfeld? Ouch.

2. ‘MC5 A True Testimonial’ Documentary: Posted on youtube earlier this week, this fascinating documentary about Detroit’s seminal proto-punk band the MC5 was maybe the best 2 hours I spent all week. When it was posted, we were warned that it wouldn’t be up for long; turns out to be true. It’s been yanked, darn it all. If you love rock and roll, if you love Detroit….well, you probably already know about the MC5. If not, this film is worth seeking out. It will pop up again. A legal battle between the guys who made the flick and the always-feisty band members has kept this film locked away, which is too bad.


The video may be gone, but the music will live forever. Kick Out the Jams!

3. New Anchorman 2 Trailers!! Two of ’em!!! Nothing more needs to be said here, other than I really hope this doesn’t suck. Sequels to comedies are notoriously shitty. Ghostbusters 2, anyone? Didn’t think so.

4. The Art of Atari Cartridges. Now this is what the internet is all about. When I was a kid, I spent countless hours with my beloved Atari VCS (the ‘2600’ name came later). I have fond memories of late-night Space Invaders, Asteroids, Yar’s Revenge, Adventure, Pitfall….so many classics. My love affair with the Atari spoiled somewhat with Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and E.T., three of the possibly shittiest video games ever created by man. Anyway… one of the things I loved, and miss, about those old games was the artwork on the box and carts. The tiny microprocessor on the VCS couldn’t do much in the way of graphics or sound, so the artwork had to paint the picture for us (literally) as to what to expect from the game. Even better were the game catalogs I would eagerly look forward to getting. I miss those days. Great article! Click on the Defender box to read it.


5. Arcade Fire Reflektor Album Stream – The new Arcade Fire album has been leaked in Ireland, so the band has decided to stream it legally ahead of its physical release next week. Enjoy.

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