October 30

Halloween Week !!!!

Well, it’s here. Halloween. For a holiday in which I personally don’t do much anymore (too old to trick or treat, not really into the whole costume thing), I really love Halloween. It’s an excuse to gorge on candy, and to celebrate the darker things in life. The leaves are falling off the trees, the temperature is dropping… it’s just a great time of the year.

So to celebrate, here’s a few Halloween-y things to get you in the mood…..


Southern Culture on the Skids РTingler Blues:  Southern Culture on the Skids + classic horror clips = Halloween Goodness

Adventures Into Darkness Animation: A fun, creepy animation from the Halloween Blog Scar Stuff

Igor’s Halloween a Go-Go: My personal Spotify playlist of classic Halloween tunes. Novelty, Soundtrack, Horror Surf… it’s all here.

13 Incredibly Spooky Photographs of Ghosts: What’s Halloween without a little creepiness and unease? I don’t believe in ghosts, but after looking at these photos, I’m having second thoughts. I’m glad I looked at this while the sun was up. From Buzzfeed. Click the photo. If you dare.


And finally, if you do trick or treat, whatever you do, stay away from the olive loaf.


Have fun, be safe!!

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