November 2

BrainstemBob’s Picks of the Week

The cream of the time-wasting crop for the week that was.

1. Star Wars Bloopers – I have VHS copies of the Star Wars films. I have Laser Disc versions. DVD versions. Blu-Ray versions. But none of them contained these rare bloopers, unearthed this week. You’ve always had a hunch that Stormtroopers weren’t the most graceful soldiers in the galaxy…this proves it.

2. Rare U2 Footage: Bar Jam – Video footage shot by Peter Gabriel during the 1986 Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour captures Bono and Larry Mullen Jr. in an impromptu jam session at a hotel bar after a gig. This footage will be contained on a 6 DVD concert set to be released Nov. 6.

3. Thomas Kinkade meets Star Wars – Amazing mash-up art combining the ‘Painter of Light’ master Thomas Kinkade with the world of Star Wars. I know, I like Star Wars stuff. A lot. Maybe too much. Cool stuff from artist Jeff Bennett right HERE.










4. Lost Michael Crichton books Re-Published – Between 1966 and 1972, an author by the name of John Lange published 6 novels that came and went without much notice. Decades later, they are back in print under Lange’s real name, some guy named Michael Crichton. The good folks at Hard Case Crime are keeping pulp fiction alive by publishing new hard-boiled novels as well as lost works from the genres’ greatest authors. I’m looking forward to adding these Crichton books to my collection.







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