November 11

A Very Nick Lowe Christmas

I know the calendar says it’s only November 10, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon for some Christmas music. Too soon for regular, all-day Christmas music, yes. But when a new holiday album is released as they usually are around the end of October, I like to check them out to see if any are able to stand up next to classics such as Bing, Elvis, and Phil Spector. Many try, and many (most) fail.

There’s one new album this year I was particularly excited to hear, and it hasn’t disappointed.  Nick Lowe has been releasing consistently excellent albums for decades; the fact that they go mostly unnoticed here in the States is a Wrong that I hope will someday be Righted, but I’m not holding my breath.

‘Quality Street’ is subtitled ‘A Seasonal Selection For All the Family,’  and it fits the music perfectly.  This isn’t music to get a party started on the dance floor; it’s just the opposite.  This is mellow holiday music perfect for listening with loved ones while gathered around a roaring yuletide fire with a glass of eggnog as the snow falls gently outside.  Nick Lowe’s last few albums have all exuded a gentle, laid back warmth, and Quality Street is no exception. It contains traditional Christmas songs that aren’t the same worn-out nuggets found on every other holiday album; it also has several original songs that capture Lowe’s trademark wit.

As someone who find the most musical Christmas joy in the classic albums of yesterday, finding contemporary albums that hold up is rare. For all of the Michael Bubles, and Justin Biebers, and Susan Boyle holiday offerings out there, the rare album of originality and class is something to cherish. I’m fairly certain the songs of Quality Street will be spinning on my holiday playlists for years to come.  Enjoy.

Streaming on Spotify or available for purchase right HERE.

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