November 16

Picks of the Week !!

These are a few of the things that wasted some of my otherwise super-productive time this past week. Enjoy.

NEW Beatles Video !!!: It’s not often we get a “new” video from the greatest band in history, so this is cool. Taken from the newly released Beatles at the BBC Vol. 2, this is the boys covering Buddy Holly’s Words of Love. I like.

Astronauts Returning to Earth on the Soyuz Capsule: Any space fans out there? Anyone? If there’s any one thing guaranteed to kill my productivity, it’s a video from space. Since NASA retired the shuttle fleet, there’s not as much new stuff out there. I once killed almost an entire morning watching video of a shuttle launch from 19 different angles. This 24 minute mini-doc from Europe follows 3 astronauts (and cosmonauts?) on their trip back from the International Space Station aboard the tiny, very fragile-looking Soyuz capsule. Spoiler Alert: The ride looks TERRIFYING. See for yourself.

Lost Raiders of the Lost Ark Ending !!: It seems that in an effort to garner a PG rating for his classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, Steven Spielberg had to alter the very ending of the film where the Ark is being opened. Here, for the first time as far as I can tell, is the original uncut ending. Things end quite differently for Belloq.

The Batkid Rises!: Of course, the story of the week on the internet has to be the Batkid. The city of San Francisco wins the internet by transforming into crime-ridden Gotham City, with over 7,000 volunteers and city officials joining together to fulfill the dreams of a 5 year-old who is in remission from leukemia, a disease he’s been fighting since he was only 18 months old. This automatically pushes SF right to the top of the Coolest Cities Ever list. Read more about The Batkid’s adventures HERE.


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