December 7

Tom’s Diner: A Restaurant Where Nothing Happened

You do know about Tom’s Diner, right? Never heard of it? If not, I’m almost certain you recognize it. It’s the real New York restaurant that became famous as the exterior of Monks’ Diner on Seinfeld, the best TV show ever (my opinion, not a fact. On second thought, FACT.) Seinfeld isn’t the restaurants’ only claim to fame; it also serves as the title of Suzanne Vega’s one big hit song (the song is called “Tom’s Diner” in case you’re having trouble following along. It’s also a song I happen to despise. But I digress.)

This is a fascinating little documentary about Tom’s Diner. It turns out this tiny little slice of Manhattan real estate is much, much more than just a stand-in for a television show restaurant. There’s a lot of history in this quintessentially New York dining spot. Check it out:

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