December 11

Introducing BrainstemBob on Mixcloud

hifimasI’m borderline OCD when it comes to making playlists. iTunes, Spotify, you name it… I’ll kill hours digging for JUST THE RIGHT TUNES for every kind of playlist imaginable. Now, I’m not bragging. Just because I can’t stop making playlists doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any damn good. I just happen to think they are.

In addition to being addicted to playlists (which comes from being bored out of my skull with commercial radio and their predilection to playing the same 30 songs over and over ad nauseum) I also have an unhealthy relationship with Christmas music. From spending time under the Christmas tree as a child listening to Johnny Mathis and Andy Williams on the console hi-fi to today, nothing sets the mood for the holidays better than the right music.

In 2002, I decided that instead of sending out Christmas cards to friends and family, I’d put my brand-new CD burner to work (with my bright orange Apple iMac. Those were the days.) and make some Holiday CDs. It went over fairly well, so I did it again in 2003. Ten years into it, in 2013, it’s officially a capital T Tradition.

There’s one some problem with this: CDs are rapidly becoming obsolete. I’ve heard from several recipients that they either couldn’t find a CD player in their house, or simply didn’t have a CD player at all anymore.

I’ve been contemplating the death of the CD medium for a few years, but what is there to replace it? I’ve considered USB flash drives, but that just doesn’t seem Christmasey. Since it’s meant to be a replacement for a Christmas card, I think it needs to be a physical item. (Digital greeting cards are cool, but getting one in the real mail still seems more significant.) So, for now, the CD will continue to go out to a chosen few.

However, to make it easier for people to hear these mixes, I’ve figured out how to create them on Mixcloud. I chose Mixcloud because it’s free, and it’s got relatively simple interface for users. I like it.

So, starting today, I’m going to start recreating past holiday CD mixes and putting them online for anybody anywhere to stream. And I’m starting with the 2013 Holiday Mix, ‘An Uncalled-For Christmas, Vol.1’ A greater compiling of musical yuletide stinkers doesn’t exist. And yes, the ‘Volume 1’ in the title is a thinly-veiled threat. You’d better be good, or the lump of coal that will be Vol. 2 will be on its way.

I hope this and the future mixes enhance your holiday spirit.

An Uncalled-For Christmas, Vol. 1 by Brainstembob on Mixcloud

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