December 16

A Swingin’ 60’s Christmas Party! – Mixcloud

imgresMy Annual Christmas CD Mix conversion over to Mixcloud is continuing…. it’s time consuming, but it’ll be nice to have an online archive of these holiday mixes. The 2012 CD is one I’m particularly happy about. The theme is a ‘swingin’ 60’s Christmas party.’ I get ideas for these yearly CD mixes from all over the place; this one popped into my head as I was scanning my parents’ old photo albums (another never-ending project) They moved from their home of over 30 years to live year-round in Florida, and I foolishly volunteered to take all of their old photos to scan.

Anyway, as I scanned pictures of their 1960s-era holiday parties, I got to thinking what the music playing on the hi-fi would sound like. Couple this with the fact that a large majority of the Christmas music I cherish came from the 1960s (a lot of which I have on vinyl, again thanks to my parents move) and a mix was born. I like to find a theme, however loose, each year for these mixes. The holidays are special to me, and I have my folks and grandparents to thank for that. Again, the music I was exposed to as a kid plays a large part of those cherished memories. Constructing 2012’s mix was an awful lot of fun (which is not always the case from year to year) and I still enjoy listening to it.

So, I suggest you pour you and your special someone a Christmas cocktail, sit back, relax, and transport yourselves back to that swingin’ decade, and imagine you’re at THE holiday party of the year! Cheers.

p.s. I borrowed the image for this mix from the Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails CD. There’s now 4 volumes; the first two are required listening if you love Christmas music of decades past. All 4 volumes are fun and perfect for entertaining, but the first two are essential!

A Swingin' 60's Christmas Party by Brainstembob on Mixcloud

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