December 31

Adios, 2013, and Good Riddance

1505073_10151771474915667_527168602_nWell here we are…. December 31st. Last day of the year. A time to reflect back on the year just past, and forward to a (hopefully) happy new 2014.

2013, like every year, had its share of ups and downs, both personal and for the world at large. But I can’t remember a year I’ve been more ready to see go bye-bye than 2013. At the same time, I had a lot to be thankful for this year. Ups and downs, goods and bads….

The Bad? 2013 was the year our government seemed to finally go completely off the rails and literally do nothing, a year where closing the government down was considered (by some) to be a legitimate form of government. Our political system is a shambles, run by clowns who are funded by corporations, where science and reason are seen as detrimental to the job. I don’t know where this ship is headed in 2014, but there are many large icebergs in these treacherous waters.

The planet took a beating in 2013, with massive droughts, horrible wildfires, disappearing arctic ice and deadly natural disasters, all directly or indirectly linked to a climate that nearly all evidence and all scientific research shows is changing quickly, and changing dramatically. Again, our “leaders” choose to keep their heads in the sand, and pretend like everything’s fine.

Personally, 2013 saw my family travel to Florida to visit my parents over spring break; that vacation turned awful when my Mother suffered what originally looked like a severe and fatal stroke. Somehow, miraculously, she survived, and has recovered most, but not all, of her cognitive functions. She suffered no real physical effects of the stroke, though a bacterial infection picked up during her hospital stay has been keeping her feeling less than great all year. Her ordeal, the highs and lows, the good days and bad, symbolize this year better than any words ever could. All in all, I’m still grateful to be able to hear her voice over the phone, and look forward to the day (hopefully in 2014, come on 2014!!) when her doctors give her the OK for the folks to travel north for a visit.

On a brighter note, 2013 saw the birth of this brand-new personal blog of mine, which I plan to expand and introduce to people in 2014. It’s still very much in a prototypical, embryonic phase; it doesn’t quite know yet what it wants to be when it grows up. It still feels a bit undercooked, and not fleshed-out very well. Hopefully it will continue to take shape and find its purpose in the new year.

2013 saw the growth, though not nearly as much as I’d like to see, of the other sites I do work for, Green Home Source, devoted to information for green homeowners and anyone else interested in living a more energy-efficient sustainable life, and Gen1 Architectural Group, a Holland/Zeeland Michigan based architectural firm run by a very talented friend of mine. If you or someone you know is looking for a super commercial architect, landscape designer, or custom home architect, they’re worth checking out. Beautiful, energy-efficient designs that are created with the full participation of the client. It’s a one-on-one process you won’t find in too many places anymore. Here endeth the plugs. By all means, visit these sites as often as possible. ; )

Whoops, not done yet with the plugs just quite yet: on the right sidebar, you’ll find a small Amazon search box. Clicking through to amazon through this site earns me a small (very small. VERY small.) percentage of the sale. Thanks.

Many sites this time of year share their “End of Year Lists” of the best and worst movies, tv shows, music, celebrity scandals, etc. You won’t find those here (at least not this year); they’re rampant online. As we kick 2013 to the curb, what you will find is my simple wish for you: a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014. You see that brilliant, hopelessly small blue and white marble floating in the black infinity of space in that picture above? Click on it, and look closely. That’s us: ALL of us. We’re all on this tiny, magical planet…. we’re all together, and we’re all we’ve got. May 2014 find us all a little kinder: to ourselves, our neighbors, and to this fragile life support system called Earth.

“Be at war with your voices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.”
-Benjamin Franklin

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