April 25

The Marina: Yacht Rock to Soothe the Troubled Soul

OK…confession time. On occasion, I enjoy some light, easy-listening soft rock. As a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s, ‘light rock’ was the predominant music genre played in the car as Mom and Dad chauffeured us kids around. And as a kid growing up in the suburbs, I spent a lot of time in the car. And these songs were the soundtrack. They’ve been burned into the deepest recesses of my brain, the as-yet undiscovered chunk of brain tissue responsible for remembering every cheesy soft rock song I’ve ever heard. These songs never went away…they’re always lurking….at the dentist office…on-hold music….wherever there’s a need for unoffensive, saccharine, instantly-recognizable music. Call it corny, call it bland, call it what you will, but everybody of a certain age has these songs imprinted on the brain. And that’s OK. Accept it. Embrace the soft rock. I won’t tell, I promise. Somewhere along the line, these lighter-than-air tunes picked up the moniker ‘yacht rock’, and it couldn’t be a more perfect description. I’ve assembled this collection of well-worn light rock hits, and thrown in some undiscovered nuggets for good measure. So please enjoy. The Marina: For those times when you just want to ROCK…..ever so softly. Only the finest gentle-grooving yacht rock for the discerning listener. Guilty pleasures abound. For ironic or un-ironic listening, the choice is yours:

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