September 2

SweatBlock Update!! Feel the Excitement!!

This is an update on my neverending quest to find some way, SOME way, ANY WAY, to control my out of control hyperhidrosis, better known as excessive perspiration. It’s a quest interesting to probably no one but me, but I figure there’s got to be at least a handful of others out there searching for ways to get their bodies to ease up on the sweat a bit.

sweatblockMy latest experiment, if you’ve been keeping track, is a ‘clinical antiperspirant’ called SweatBlock. SweatBlock comes in the form of a moist towelette that you dab (not rub, don’t EVER rub it on according to the directions! My God what are you, insane???) on the skin. A box of seven wipes cost me almost twenty dollars, so my expectations were set high solely on financial principles. Each wipe is supposed to control sweat for about a week, so in theory this box is a seven week supply.

The SweatBlock instructions, like almost all antiperspirant products, says to use it only on the underarm areas. While the armpit region may be the focus of most normal peoples’ anti-sweat regimen, the pits are literally the least of my worries. I’ve got sweat pouring from all over. The areas I’m concerned with are my head (I’m bald, so there’s no hair to keep my sweat from running right down the forehead into my eyes and face.) and my torso. I’m tired of soaking my shirts so quickly and thoroughly. It’s uncomfortable to me, and highly embarrassing. As I’ve said, I sweat in all conditions, not just physical exertion or stressful situations. It’s an all-the-time scenario, which is why I’d really like to get it under control.

Anyway, back to the SweatBlock. Is this stuff going to work? Hundreds of reviews and testimonials on the official SweatBlock website claim that it works very well not just for underarm sweat, but for excess sweating anywhere on the body. Sounds good to me. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Two weeks in, how’s it doing?

SweatBlock Preliminary Results
At this point, I’m not seeing a huge improvement. I apply the product at night before going to bed as instructed; this is supposed to put the kibosh on excess sweat for a week. In my personal experience so far, I’d say it works for maybe a day. MAYBE a day. I’m still sweating. This is late August, early September, and in this area of the country something happens to the late summer air….. it gets damp. Humid. Not necessarily really hot, but there is a dampness in the air that’s pervasive. So sweating is bound to happen. Again, I know that to sweat is human. But to hyperhidrosis sweat is not; my overactive, mutated sweat glands need to learn when to just chill out. And the SweatBlock isn’t really helping. Times when I normally sweat uncontrollably (mowing the lawn, for example) are not benefiting from this antiperspirant. The shirts and hats are still coming back into the house dripping with sweat.

I’m not even halfway through the box of SweatBlock yet, so I’ll continue to use it until it’s gone, and see if the performance improves. At 20 bucks, I’d be stupid to just stop using it. I want it to work; I need it to work. So please, SweatBlock, START WORKING DAMMIT !!!

SweatBlock Observations
I have a couple of observations about this product. First, its active ingredient is aluminum chloride (14%). Every antiperspirant I’ve seen on the market contains some form of aluminum as its active ingredient. Aluminum temporarily blocks sweat glands, thus slowing down or stopping perspiration altogether.

There are lots of claims out there about health risks associated with aluminum, and particularly aluminum used as an antiperspirant, since it’s applied directly to the skin. Some claim that aluminum is an estrogen disruptor, and can lead to breast cancer. Others claim that aluminum contributes to a greater likelihood of Alzheimer’s Disease. Personally, I feel that these claims are a bit overblown, and there are studies that don’t show real strong correlations. Aluminum HAS been proven harmful to people with kidney disease, so if that’s you, definitely stay away from it. All this said, it’s still aluminum, a metal mined from the earth. I’d like to limit using it on my body, as much as possible. If there are health risks associated with aluminum antiperspirant products, it’s an easily avoidable risk. But… BUT…. antiperspirants do work. They control my underarm sweat whenever I’ve used them. So why don’t they work on sweat glands elsewhere on my body? I think it’s a situation where my body produces SO MUCH sweat, my sweat glands are inhumanly powerful, that any topical antiperspirant on the skin is quickly and easily overwhelmed by the dam-break of sweat coming at it. That’s my theory. Like I mentioned, the SweatBlock on my head and torso does seem to work for a short period, maybe a day, day and a half. But then the sweat starts, slowly, a trickle that quickly grows to a raging river of perspirant.

So… so far, no real luck. I will update when I’ve had more time with the SweatBlock. Maybe my body will adapt. Maybe it won’t. If SweatBlock, or any other product I try that contains aluminum or other not-so-nice ingredients, shows promise in slowing down my perspiration, I will use it, but only when I absolutely need to (like when I’m going out in public and don’t want people gawking at my raging flop sweat.) Otherwise, I’ll limit the usage due to the aluminum content.

SweatBlock: Smells like Cloves??
SweatBlock: Smells like Cloves??

Another thing about SweatBlock: I don’t know what is in this stuff other than the active ingredient aluminum chloride, but it has a very peculiar odor when it’s being applied. It’s weird, but I swear it smells just like….. cloves. That’s right. Those fiery little spicy spikes used to season hams. It smells EXACTLY like cloves. The smell goes away once the product is dry on the skin, but it was an unexpected scent to be sure.

Also, many users claim of a tingling sensation on the skin after application, that also goes away quickly. I did not experience this when putting on myself. But it apparently is noticeable to some.

The experiment continues…..

*UPDATE 9/15* After a few more weeks of using the SweatBlock, I’ve got to throw in the towel and declare it a bust. It just didn’t work for me. The once-weekly application didn’t slow down my sweat at all, which is really disappointing. The day after an application, I would drench my shirt doing light yard work. Will it work for others? For underarm use (what it’s intended for), it will probably work, but for this sole use it’s a very expensive option. For use elsewhere on the body, where I needed it to work, it did nothing, though you’d have to try it yourself to see what it does for you. Every body is different, and if you suffer from excess sweating, I hope this does the trick for you. For me, I’m on to the next option on the list. Bummer!!

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