September 24

Halloween Nuggets

Halloween NuggetsLate September means the beginning of autumn, and two things that I love about the season are Octoberfest beers and Halloween-themed music.

There’s little I enjoy more than good old Halloween music to celebrate the autumn and Halloween season, and the more obscure, the better. The early days of rock and roll, late ’50s and into the ’60s, saw an explosion of great Halloween-y novelty records, released by hundreds of small regional independent record labels.  Most (if not all) of these records never saw any popularity, and were heard by very few. But if there’s anything I firmly believe in, it’s that being unpopular with the masses never necessarily means that something is no good.

Finding these old songs has never been easy, but the internet and the rise in popularity of streaming music services is changing that. Songs once relegated to hard-to-find bootleg compilations are now turning up online. The latest, and one of the best, has just been released by Rockbeat Records, a cool label that reissues old music from a million different genres. Their Halloween release, Halloween Nuggets, is 3 CDs (over 3.5 hours) of crazy Halloween obscuro records for hardcore Halloween music enthusiasts.  My Halloween music collection contains hundreds and hundreds of songs, but many of the selections on Halloween Nuggets are new to me, and have probably never been released since their original limited pressings on 45.

Halloween Nuggets is the perfect soundtrack for parties, trick or treating, or simply enjoying the Witching Season. Rockbeat throws in a healthy serving of cheesy horror B-movie trailers, which adds up to a whole bunch of vintage candy corn crazy.  The fact that the sound quality isn’t always very good just adds to the kitschy goodness.  For obsessive Halloween music Igors like me, this is nirvana. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself… You can stream it here.

….or you can pick up the CD box set HERE which comes in a cool looking box (Check out that artwork!)   OR you can pick and choose the mp3 files HERE.

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