December 12

Andy Cirzan’s 2014 Christmas Compilation: The Madness Continues

Andy Cirzan Kringles Jingles 2014The Christmas-themed posts are coming fast and furious, but ’tis the season…. I mentioned Andy Cirzan in my piece on the fantastic Jingle Bell Rocks documentary a few days ago. He’s devoted what even would admits is an unhealthy amount of spare time digging around record shops, attics, basements, yard sales, and flea markets for the most obscure holiday records. The kind of music that make you shake your head and wonder how in the hell anybody ever thought recording it was a good idea, and how in the hell anybody ever thought BUYING it was a good idea.

What started out years ago as a CD mix he made for friends and family morphed into an annual visit to Sound Opinions to discuss his passion (obsession?) with the obscure, esoteric realm of recorded holiday insanity. And in the giving spirit of the season, he began sharing out his annual compilation with the show’s listeners. For free. But only for a limited time each year. This year is no different. “Kringle’s Jingles: Holiday Pop Parade LP Special Edition 2014/Vol. XXVI” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, nor should it. As always, it’s a thing to behold. If you’re into this sort of twistedness. Like me. Here’s the link RIGHT HERE. Go get it now. After Jan. 1, it disappears into the ether where it probably belongs.

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