December 19

Now Might Be a Good Time to Start Your Christmas Shopping

Christmas is now officially less than 1 week away, so PLEASE tell me you’ve at least STARTED your Christmas shopping. What’s that? You haven’t?? Good Lord, man, what are you waiting for?? Time is slipping away from you. I think the best thing for you to do at this point is click on this Amazon banner:

Electronic gift certificates are the perfect last-minute gift for the loved ones on your list; you can select for them to be delivered at any point between now and Christmas morn, and if you don’t shake a leg, they may very quickly be your very last option. Trust me: You do not want to be heading out to the malls this weekend, unless you’re truly a glutton for punishment and suffering. Make things easy on yourself. (Purchases made through this banner or any other Amazon links you see around here also help support the site. Help a brother out, and I’ll be eternally grateful.) Thanks, and have a very merry weekend!

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