April 10

The Greatest Rock Band of the Seventies. The Osmonds?

It’s Friday, and I haven’t posted anything this week, and Fridays are meant for crazy music, so I’m going to just put this here. Why? Because there’s simply no reason for it. This shouldn’t exist in any rational universe. Yet it does. It’s the Osmonds. You heard me. Those Osmonds. Those squeaky clean Mormons from Salt Lake City. The darlings of The Andy Williams Show. Since it was the 70’s, where seemingly anything was possible (this song is certainly Exhibit A for that argument) in the world of pop music, this song was recorded. Somebody thought this was a good idea. And yo know what? They were absolutely right.

Here, for no other reason than it simply defies all reason and logic, I give you the Osmonds rocking out with their nowhere-near-classic ‘Crazy Horses.’ It’s awful and amazing simultaneously. Monster riffage. Massive bell-bottoms. Growly vocals. A vague eco-message about air pollution…It’s the entire decade of the 70’s wrapped up into one insane nugget. Is it so bad it’s good, or is it just really that good? Or am I way off course and it’s just ridiculous. I don’t know, I don’t care. I love it. It’s Mormontastic. Osmondriffic. Whatever was in the Salt Lake water the day they laid this track down, I want some. Happy Weekend!

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