April 24

Money Talk

star-wars-77If you’ll permit me, I’d like to pause the festivities here for a sec and talk about money. Sorry, but it can’t all be shits & giggles around here. Now, money is a subject I hate, absolutely HATE to discuss. Why? Probably because it’s something I very rarely have very much of. As my wife is all too aware, I like to live my life pretending that money is just an abstract, and allow myself to walk around with my head in the clouds. It’s really nice up here!!

I am blessed, absolutely blessed, to have a beautiful, loving wife who’s not only an incredible spouse and mother, but she’s also crazy with the finances. She does it all; balances the checkbook, does the taxes, pays the bills… I sit back and watch with awe. She does her best to keep our household finances in check, and she does an amazing job. She’s the only person I know who can pick up two grocery carts full of groceries at the store and come home with more money than she walked in with. The store loses money every time she shops. She should write a coupon how-to book, I swear. If couponing and bargain shopping were an art, she would be a Master. (It is an art by the way, and she is the Master.)

As stressed out as I can get when she sits me down for one of her frequent “State of the Budget” talks, without her diligence we’d be in the poor house.

Which leads me to this post about money. As in, how to get more of it. Another thing I’m not always very good at. Now, I’m not looking to turn this blog site into a money-making powerhouse. If it were to ever become one, I wouldn’t do anything to stop it, but based on the traffic numbers that’s not gonna happen anytime this century. And that’s absolutely not why I started it. I created it simply as a place for me to put a few of my thoughts, ideas, and rants. That’s it. If anybody reads it, that’s great. If not, it’s still going to exist. It’s still new, and it’s still searching for its’ Special Purpose. Creating a personal blog isn’t anywhere on the Great Big List of Get Rich Quick Schemes. I know that. Again, not what it’s here for. When I said I like to live in my imaginary world where money doesn’t exist and I can just do whatever I feel like, brother I wasn’t kidding. That’s what this blog represents in a way. Me doing (or writing about) whatever might happen to be bouncing around in my big empty head.

All that being said, money is kind of a really important deal in this capitalistic society of ours. Food, Clothing, Shelter, HBO…that stuff’s important, too. And this blog isn’t free to run. It costs a nice chunk of change to pay for website hosting and server juice. While I’m not expecting to turn a profit on this little blogola, if I could offset some of the costs of keeping it online, that’d be great.

So… I’ve placed a few things here and there to bring in some spare change now and then. I’m trying to keep everything as unobtrusive and inoffensive as possible, so allow me to go over them real quick, then I’ll leave you to go on with your day.

To begin with, there’s the Amazon links. You’ll notice a small Amazon search box that runs on the right sidebar of the site. You can use it to search Amazon for whatever it is you’re looking for. Or, just click on it to go to Amazon’s site. Also, if I write about a product, I’ll often link that product to Amazon or add an Amazon widget at the bottom of the post. If you click through to Amazon from any link or widget on this site, and buy something, I get a small commission from that sale. At no cost to you. The prices you’ll see at Amazon are the same you’d see if you just went directly to their site. So there’s that.

You’ll also notice a couple small ads; one on the right side of the page, and another at the bottom of every post. Typically, I hate sites that are littered with ads, but again I’m looking for ways to pay for at least part of this site. If you click on any of these ads, again there’s a very small financial benefit to me. If you ever see anything you find questionable or offensive in any of these ads, let me know. I’ve configured it a bit to eliminate what I think might be no-no’s, but other than that the ads can be for pretty much anything.

I’ve added a DONATE button to the right side of the page, right below the SUBSCRIBE option. (please subscribe!) See it? It’s right there. No, not there. THERE. See it now? Now, I’m not begging for money, I’m not even asking for it. But the donate button is there. It is what it is. If you should ever feel like sending a little money my way, I’d be eternally grateful. (Oh shit, maybe I am begging.) If nobody ever uses it, that’s perfectly fine too.

Finally, I offer my writing services. I’m always available for any writing you might need. I see a lot of awful writing examples out there, often on websites that ought to know better. Anything that requires putting letters and punctuations together to form cohesive thoughts, I’d love to help you out.

Hey! It’s Friday!! Thanks for your patience, and have a glorious weekend.

P.S. The Stars Wars photo at the top was taken at Graumann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles in 1977, and is there for no particular reasons other than I wanted some kind of image, I’ve still got Star Wars on my mind after last week’s excitement, the film earned tons and tons of MONEY, and it’s just a frickin’ awesome photo from the 70’s. Cheers.

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