June 3

The Songs of Summer Day One: ‘Keep an Eye on Summer’ by The Beach Boys

beach-boys-shut-downSummer! It’s finally here… and like lots of things in my life, I associate summertime with great music. Now that the weather is warming up, the sun is high in the sky, and the calendar has turned to June, I’ve dusted off my collection of summer tunes. So long, winter! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us, spring! Summer? Summer is the granddaddy of the four seasons, the most we look forward to more than any other…

In reality, however,unless you’re a Lotto winner, a teacher, or under the age of 18, summer just means more of the same daily drudgeries of work, with the added bonus of getting into a 150 degree car at the end of the day and endless lawn mowings… But the right music can turn any day into a day at the beach. Just one more way that music is absolutely magical.

I’ve decided to share some of my most favorite summertime tunes this summer season, one a day, all the way through to Labor Day or thereabouts. Why start on June 3? Well, maybe it’s because I just thought of the idea last night on my run, listening to my summer song playlist…It’s an eclectic little collection of music, my summer tunes. Mostly older songs, some new, lots of unexpected. There are actual songs about summer (beach, sun, cars, girls, fun fun fun, etc. etc.) but also quite a few that I simply associate with the season. They can be songs that were popular during the summer months, or songs that for whatever reason just sound like summer to me. Maybe they will to you too. Or maybe not. Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Surf, Garage…a little something for everyone. I hope. And I’m going to steer clear of some of the usual played-out suspects…so no ‘Summer of ’69’ or ‘Boys of Summer.’ Sorry in advance.

So without further adieu, let’s get things rolling. I hope this little experiment adds to your enjoyment of the summer season! First up, who else but The Beach Boys. I can’t think of any other group more associated with the joys of summertime than the boys from Hawthorne. I hope you dig The Beach Boys, because they’re going to show up here more than a few times. From ’64, just as they were hitting their peak popularity, Keep an Eye on Summer.

Speaking of the Beach Boys, there’s a new film being released this week about the life of head Beach Boy Brian Wilson. Can’t wait to check it out. One of music’s all-time greatest artists and songwriters, his life story is an amazing one.

I’ll also start a Spotify playlist, adding each day’s songs. You’re welcome!

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