June 7

The Songs of Summer Day Five: BLOTTO ‘I Wanna Be a Lifeguard”

blottoSummer. Fun, sun, and…WORK. We’ve got a teenager in the house, and there’s been lots of talk around here lately about just what he’s going to do to earn some dough this summer. It’s a fine balance between having lots of carefree fun and scraping together some scratch from some low-paying gig to splash some gas in the tank. And let’s face it: Most jobs geared towards teenagers (most jobs geared towards adults too, for that matter) kinda suck.

The perfect summer job? According to the no-hit wonders Blotto from Albany, New York, that perfect job is being a lifeguard.

Blotto never got famous. They never had hit records. The video for this, their one and only real attempt at MTV immortality, is a time capsule back to the very early days of music videos, which means it’s pretty much awful.But the sentiment of the lyrics, about wanting the perfect summer job guarding lives at the beach, amidst an ocean of suntan lotion and a thousand pretty girls in reach, is pretty spot-on. My kids, when they were younger, loved to hear this song, and the the chorus, simple as it may be, is addictive.

With lyrics like “Summer blondes, revealing tanlines, I’ll make more moves than Allied Van Lines,” you know you’re in for something special.

Ladies and gentlemen, from 1980, this is Blotto. They want to be lifeguards. They want to guard your life.

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