June 8

The Songs of Summer Day Six: ‘Summer Song’ by The Karminsky Experience Inc.

karminsky-experience-snapshotSome songs don’t even need lyrics to evoke the perfect summer mood. Some of my very favorite summery songs are instrumentals, and here’s the first one to show up on my Songs of Summer Extravaganza (or Experiment in Patience, maybe.)

The Karminsky Experience Inc. is the London-based DJ duo of Martin Dingle and James Munns. They began DJ-ing small clubs in London in the early 1990’s, quickly becoming successful in-demand DJ’s around town.

Their first album, The Power of Suggestion, was released in 2003 on the trendy Eighteenth Street Lounge record label. With an middle eastern-based sound,the album introduced the kitschy, lounge-inspired grooves of Karminsky Experience to the world.

Power of Suggestion was followed in 2007 by the duo’s follow-up, Snapshot, which is where today’s summer song comes from. Snapshot shows Karminsky moving even further into a retro-kitschy soundscape, which ‘Summer Song’ encapsulates perfectly. The song’s airy beats and lounge-y flute, horn and guitar samples are the ideal soundtrack for any James Bond-inspired (or maybe Austin Powers?) lounge pool party or mai-tai’s on the beach. It’s music for super spies, jet setters, and suave sophisticates. And me. (I’m not a spy, by the way. Or am I?) I love this stuff.

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