June 12

The Songs of Summer Day 10: The Poets of Rhythm ‘Summerdays’

poets-of-rhythm-daptone-anthologyIt seems that many of the great songs about summer feature lyrics about nothing more really than the simple things we all hope our summer days are filled with: sunshine, carefree days wasting time, lazing about with not a care in the world. As we grow older, the responsibilities and commitments of real life mean that those perfect lazy summer days rarely happen…but thank God we’ve got songs like ‘Summerdays’ to take us away from the drudgeries of reality to a dreamy, summery place, if only for a few minutes. Sometimes that’s all we can ask for.

The Poets of Rhythm are a funk and soul group from, of all places, Munich Germany. You wouldn’t know it from their sound. Forming in the 1990’s, they perfected a sound that emulated the soul and funk sounds of America from the 1960’s and 70’s, becoming one of the earliest bands in a genre soon to be known as ‘retro-soul.’ Playing real instruments, and recording on vintage analog equipment, their music harkened back to the funk heyday of James Brown, Kool & the Gang, and The Meters.

‘Summerdays’ lays down a smooth, mellow groove that’s perfect for chilling on a hot summer day, doing nothing in particular. It comes from the Daptone Records compilation ‘The Poets of Rhythm: Anthology 1992-2003‘, which is a great introduction to their funky sound.

Can’t stand words? Here’s the instrumental version. Nice!

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