June 17

The Songs of Summer #15: ‘Summertime’ by The Sundays

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The Sundays were an English alternative band that released three albums in the late 80’s and 90’s…and then just sort of vanished. But before they did, they left us with today’s Song of Summer, ‘Summertime,’ from their 1997 album Static and Silence.

The Sundays’ shimmery guitars, ethereal vocals of singer Harriet Wheeler, and somber tone of many of their songs had many placing them in the genre of music known shoe-gazer, and I can’t disagree. Their jangly pop sensibilities, coupled with their dreamy pop sound, made a fan out of me, and should have made fans out of many more than they did.

While never becoming superstars, The Sundays did leave us with three albums of great music. ‘Summertime’ is probably the group’s breeziest and catchiest song, and is just…nice.

After Static & Silence, The Sundays disappeared. No further recordings, and very little information on what happened, or what the band members have been up to since. With so many bands of that era (and every other era) reuniting, will we ever hear more music from The Sundays? Who knows? But for a band with such an ethereal sound, maybe it’s better that they just faded away. No matter what happens, there will always be you and me in the summertime, and all the sunshine banishes the dark.

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