June 21

The Songs of Summer #19: Summer Days by Bob Dylan

bob-dylan-summer-daysIt’s official! Today, June 21, is the Summer Solstice…better known as the First Day of Summer.

It’s also Father’s Day. So, to all you Fathers, I salute you. Hope you’re enjoying your totally manufactured holiday doing some of your favorite things.

Speaking of Father’s Day, my time here is short today but The Songs of Summer List must go on! If for nobody else’s enjoyment other than my own. *sigh*. That’s OK. I keep myself entertained.

What better song for the first day of summer than a song called ‘Summer Days.’ It’s by Bob Dylan…perhaps you’ve heard of him. It’s a song from his album ‘Love and Theft‘, which had the extremely unfortunate luck to be released on Tuesday, September 11, back in 2001. Yeah.

I know this for a fact because Tuesdays are (soon to be ‘were’) the day that new music gets released in the U.S., and I used to be in the music selling business. That particular September Tuesday I was working with a new merchandiser stocking the week’s new CDs in her store, and I remember distinctly checking out this new Dylan album. We finished up, and I took off for the next store on my rounds. I got in my car and heard Howard Stern going on and on, quite seriously, about planes hitting the World Trade Center, which was in flames. Like everybody else, I was completely shocked. As the events unfolded, I knew that my work day was finished. Instead, I drove straight home and spent the next few days in front of the television in disbelief.

What does any of this have to do with summer? Nothing, really, other than the fact that sometimes history can step in and take something unimportant, like an album’s original release date, and instantly stamp it with just a little more meaning.

‘Summer Days’ isn’t a song about summer, per se, but what is it about? Like a lot of Dylan’s lyrics, it’s really up to the listener to decide. I have my theories, but I’ll let you form your own. The fact is, the lyrics, and the music, make for a great-sounding track on my Songs of Summer playlist. Perfect for your Father’s Day backyard BBQ or day at the beach. Enjoy!

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