June 26

The Songs of Summer #24: ‘Summertime Fun’ by Nikki & The Corvettes

nikki-corvettesDetroit’s own all-female rock band, Nikki & The Corvettes provide us with today’s Song of Summer. According to legend, Nikki Corvette was hired by a friend in 1978 to play at a local bar. Problem was, Nikki didn’t have a band, so she quickly threw one together and, without one rehearsal, played together for the first time at that bar show. How rock and roll is that?

Nikki & The Corvettes would go on to record only one album for legendary Bomp! Records, released in 1980. With short poppy songs, Nikki & The Corvettes sounded a little like a female Ramones, which is never a bad thing. Their self-titled album was described as “power pop perfection” by the Boston Phoenix, and ‘Summertime Fun‘ is a perfect example of their sound.

Let’s not overanalyze it anymore. It’s Friday, it’s summer, and it’s rock n’ roll. It’s Nikki & The Corvettes.It’s Summertime Fun.

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