June 30

The Songs of Summer #28: ‘Theme From Endless Summer’ by The Sandals

the-endless-summerI’m just reading about how today, the last day of June, 2015, gets one extra second. We have to occasionally do stuff like that to keep our calendar from getting out of whack. Why? Because the Earth’s rotation isn’t a perfectly timed thing. The effect of gravity from other celestial bodies like the moon have a tendency to mess with our planet’s rotational speed. How anybody’s figured this out is way beyond me, I’ll just assume they used math or something. Anyway, the rotation of the Earth sometimes goes a little wacky and we have to jimmy the calendar to fix it, so we don’t end up a thousand years from now celebrating Christmas in the middle of March.

So in order to celebrate this extra found second, today’s Song of Summer is the surf classic “Theme from Endless Summer” by The Sandals. Because with this extra second, this summer is really going to feel endless. Get it? It’s a ‘One Extra Second Makes Summer Feel Endless Joke!” I’ll wait for your gut laughter to settle down…

Endless Summer is a documentary film from 1966 about surfing. Most documentaries up to then had a stiff, formal “take this medicine ’cause it’s good for you” narrative to them which didn’t exactly make them fun to watch. Endless Summer took a cue from its subject matter and presented itself in a laid-back, casual manner more suitable for summertime and surfing. I’ve seen it, and it’s really a fun flick. If Endless Summer doesn’t make you want to pick up a board and hit the surf, nothing ever will.

From my good friend Wikipedia:

“When the movie was first shown, it encouraged many surfers to go abroad, giving birth to the “surf-and-travel” culture, with prizes for finding “uncrowded surf”, meeting new people and riding the perfect wave. It also introduced the sport, which had become popular outside of Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands in places like California and Australia, to a broader audience.”

In 2002, Endless Summer was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. It’s that good!!

The music for Endless Summer was written and performed by surf group The Sandals. The theme song featured here ended up being their biggest (only) hit. It’s a perfect summer surf song…Gentle and relaxing…You can almost hear the waves gently lapping on the shore as you chill on the beach after a long day of surfing. It’s not just a SONG of Summer, it’s the SOUND of summer, the sound of millions of kids around the world in ’66 dreaming of the surf, and catching waves in exotic locales…

If you haven’t seen Endless Summer, check it out. It just might have you out there searching for that perfect wave yourself. It’s available for streaming at Amazon Prime (or rental for non-Primers) and Netflix. What are you waiting for?

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