July 16

The Songs of Summer #46: ‘Swingin’ Summer’ by Carol Connors

carol-connors-swingin-summerI promised no more “serious” summer songs, and I promised more tunes from female artists; this song right here fulfills both requirements quite nicely. ‘Swingin’ Summer‘ by Carol Connors, a lightweight little pop ditty clocking in at just under a minute and a half.

Swingin’ Summer‘ is the title song from a 1965 movie that I admit I’ve never seen. But I’ll be seeking it out, because in a moment of embarrassingly honest full disclosure, I love old beach movies. You know the flicks I’m talking about: Beach Blanket Bingo, Beach Party, Muscle Beach, etc. etc. etc. I’ll be delving into the beach movie phenomenon in a future post. They’re so cheesy, so bad, that I can’t help but love watching them.

Swingin-SummerIMDB describes A Swingin’ Summer as a “beach party escapade that features a bookworm with glasses who learns to “groove”, as she attempts to sing “Ready to Groove.” OK, that sounds like every other beach movie of the 1960s. The movie poster’s tagline says “They’re Lovin’, Laughin’ and Livin’ it up and for kicks, playing “Chicken on Water Skis!” ” So there’s A Swingin’ Summer’s twist: it’s a water skiing movie!! Another slice of summer heaven I haven’t mentioned…summer life on the lake. I don’t recognize any of the actors in the movie other than Raquel Welch, but that’s enough to have me interested in checking it out.

There’s nothing really unique about this song; it covers all the typical summer fun themes, with the added bonus of having fun water skiing. Carol Connors was a singer, most famous for being the lead singer of The Teddy Bears whose big hit ‘To Know Him is To Love Him’ was Phil Spector’s first hit song. According to Wikipedia, she was also a songwriter…her eclectic songwriting credits include the Rip Chords’ ‘Hey Little Cobra,’ the 1980 Billy Preston/Syreeta Wright duet “With You I’m Born Again,” and the theme song from the movie ‘Orca.’ She’s also the co-writer of “Gonna Fly Now,” the Oscar-nominated theme song from ‘Rocky.’ Wow. Who knew?

The ‘A Swingin’ Summer’ soundtrack also features The Righteous Brothers, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, The Rip Chords, and, according to the album cover, an unfortunately-named song called ‘Penny the Poo’ by Donnie Brooks. I’ve got to hear it.

So throw all your cares to the wind, grab your water skis, and get ready to have a swingin’ summer…You’ll watusi all night, and do it up right.

BONUS!!! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Donnie Brooks and his classic ‘Penny the Poo!!!’ She knows exactly what to do…she’s a hot tub molly…. You can’t make this shit up!

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