July 20

The Songs of Summer #50: ‘Hawaii Five-O Theme’ by The Ventures

ventures-hawaii-five-oFIFTY BIG ONES !!! It’s the #50 Song of Summer…counting these tunes out one at a time is really showing me just how fast this summer is flying by. Already at the big five-o.

The number 50 song is a no-brainer. The Ventures with the ‘Hawaii Five-O‘ theme song.

Hawaii Five-O‘ is a classic surf song released in 1969, one of the last hits from surf-rock pioneers The Ventures. The song was the theme to the hit cop show Hawaii Five-O, which ran from 1968 all the way to 1980. ‘Hawaii Five-O‘ is one of the last surf-rock hits of the sixties, reaching #4 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. It somehow manages to sound like a classic TV show theme and a classic surf song at the same time. Must have something to do with its swinging arrangement and the brass and strings coupled with the familiar surf guitar. Or maybe it’s the tympani drums. God, I love those tympani drums.

The entire ‘Hawaii Five-O‘ album, like most Ventures albums, consists mainly of instrumental versions of current top hits; it’s still a fun listen, and the album cover doesn’t hurt. It’s all classic 1960’s era Ventures…and during the summer, that’s never a bad thing.

Book ’em, Danno!

BONUS!! Today’s post is dedicated to Australian surfer Mick Fanning who survived a shark attack by fighting off TWO SHARKS during a live TV broadcast yesterday (a broadcast that also featured an announcer understandably exclaiming ‘holy shit’ as he watched the attack unfold.) Well done, sir. Well done.

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