July 26

The Songs of Summer #56: ‘Summerfling’ by k.d. lang

k.d.-lang-summerflingOnce again, this Songs of Summer List is my own personal favorite summertime songs…for you, results may vary. These are the tunes that over the years have accumulated into a collection that I turn to yearly when the weather gets hot. There are always new additions, and occasionally a tune gets demoted off the list for one reason or another.

Today’s Song is not in any danger of being removed anytime soon. It’s safe. ‘Summerfling‘ by k.d. lang, from her 2000 album ‘Invincible Summer.’ It’s a breezy little tune with a retro 60’s pop vibe. Smooth melody, romantic lyrics, mellow harmonies…it’s a perfect Sunday summer song.

I’m going to leave it at that. The song speaks for itself. And as for k.d. lang? She’s only in possession of one of the all-time great voices in music of any genre. And when she layers that amazing voice into rich harmonies like she does in ‘Summerfling‘, the results are gorgeous.

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