August 1

The Songs of Summer #62: ‘Surf Wax America’ by Weezer

weezer-surf-wax-americaToday’s song is my wife’s choice. I asked her flat out, “Should I go with The Beach Boys today, or Weezer?” Without hesitation, she said “That Weezer song you just played.” So if you’ve got a problem with Weezer, do not blame me. Or maybe just blame me a little bit.

While ‘Island in the Sun’ is the more obvious Weezer summer song, ‘Surf Wax America‘is so much better. A song about going surfing while everybody else drives off to their boring jobs? I mean, come on. “I’m goin’ surfin’ ’cause I don’t like your face, I’m bailin’ out ’cause I don’t like the race, of rats that run, round and round in a maze, I’m goin’ surfin’…” The thought of living a life bumming around catching waves all day doesn’t sound all that unappealing to me, I’ve got to be honest.

It’s a gorgeous sunny August 1st, and I’ve determined that this is the perfect summer song for a Saturday like today. For maximum enjoyment, play it loud.

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