August 5

Things I Like: The Super-Thin, Super-Fast Solar Paper Phone Charger

solar-paper-2Heads up! It’s an elusive, super-rare, non-summer song post…But it’s still kinda, sorta summer related, because it’s about a really cool new product that uses the SUN to charge our ever-present electronic devices. It’s called ‘Solar Paper,’ and it’s a solar charger for charging phones, tablets, and other devices fast. I mean super-fast. ‘Plug it into the wall’ fast.

Solar Paper is a Kickstarter project by a company called YOLK, and I’m really excited about it. I’ve been looking off and on for awhile now for a solar charger that I can use to charge my iPhone, mainly during times when I’m either away from home or during emergencies like a power outage.

There are some really nice solar chargers on the market today, but one thing I’ve noticed: Most of them advertise themselves as for being ’emergency use’ only. Why? Because most of them take soooooo long to charge a device with the sun. 8, 10, even 12 hours to get a phone charged enough to use. Hardly seems worth it, unless it’s an emergency and all other charging options are gone.

The Solar Paper charger is trying to change all that. It claims to be able to fully charge a device in about the same amount of time as plugging it into the grid: about 2.5 hours. That’s pretty impressive. Another impressive thing about this charger? It’s super thin and small (about the size of an iPhone 6.) It’s not a big bulky thing like other solar chargers. I could really see myself using this thing to charge all the phones we have lying around here. Anything that charges using a USB cable can be charged with the Solar Paper.

I’m desperately interested in using less coal-powered electricity around the home. Until we get to a point where putting solar panels on the roof is viable (and that day is coming), I’m looking to use the power we do use more efficiently. If I could use the sun to renewably charge our devices, that would be one tiny little piece to my sustainability puzzle put into place.

Anyway, while you wait to find out what today’s Song of Summer is (ooh, it’s a good one!), check out more info on the Solar Paper. I’m supporting the Kickstarter campaign, and I hope you do too! They’re way over their support goals, so it’s fairly certain that Solar Paper will go into full commercial production soon. Let’s go!! Read more HERE.

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