August 5

The Songs of Summer #65: ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ by The Beach Boys

beach-boys-warmth-of-the-sunThe Warmth of the Sun‘ is one of the purest examples of those beautiful Beach Boys harmonies, from the peak of their popularity in the mid-60’s. It’s also a pure classic Song of Summer.

Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, from The Beach Boys’ 1964 album Shut Down Vol. 2, it’s hard for me to believe that this song was never released as a single. The closest it got was as the b-side to their #8 single ‘Dance Dance Dance,’ which is a good song,don’t get me wrong, but not a great song like ‘Warmth of the Sun.’

With lush backing vocals and a lead vocal by Brian Wilson as warm as the sun itself, ‘Warmth of the Sun‘ is a haunting, slightly melancholic but ultimately gorgeous pop creation.

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