August 7

The Songs of Summer #67: ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ by Del Shannon

del-shannon-do-you-wanna-danceContinuing with the ‘From Michigan’ theme from yesterday, today’s song of summer is from Coopersville’s own Del Shannon, and his version of ‘Do You Wanna Dance.’

Do You Want to Dance‘ was originally recorded (and written by) Bobby Freeman, and was a #5 hit on the Billboard Top 100 pop charts in 1958. It’s a real simple little tune. I mean, really simple. Boy sees girl. Boy likes girl. Boy asks girl to dance, under the moonlight, and love him all through the night. Boy keeps asking. Over and over.

Del Shannon recorded his version (now known as the less grammatically-correct ‘Do You Wanna Dance‘) and popped Bobby Freeman’s eternal question in 1964. He gets the answer he was looking for: You just can’t sit down. Bobby Freeman’s version is great (see below) and the Beach Boys’ 1965 version isn’t too bad either (see below again), but Del Shannon‘s takes the cake.

The organ solo heard ’round the world…

BONUS: Bobby Freeman’s original version, with that cool echo-y drum sound:

SUPER DOUBLE BONUS: The Beach Boys 1965 version with a nice Dennis Wilson vocal and Brian’s spot-on replication of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound:

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