August 10

The Songs of Summer #70 : ‘Summer Fun’ by The Barracudas

barracudas-summer-funSummer means fun. Did you know that? Were you even aware that if it’s summertime, you’re supposed to be having nothing but fun? Most sunshiny summertime songs heavily allude to this fact, but this song here states it flat-out. It’s Summer, you need to be out in the sun, and you need to be having fun. Have fun in the summer fun, dammit!! ‘Summer Fun‘ lays it all out for you..a fun (of course it’s fun) track by The Barracudas, a short-lived English band who had a minor U.K. hit with this track in the summer (of course in the summer) of 1980.

Sounding more like a tune from 1967 than 1980, ‘Summer Fun‘ wants you to know that The Barracudas don’t care for the rest of the year, ’cause the sun is out and that means SUMMER FUN. A well-done pop song makes life all sound so simple, doesn’t it?

plymouth-barracuda‘Summer Fun’ starts out with an auto dealer doing a fake radio advertisement for the Plymouth Barracuda (hey, there’s one right there! –>) with the band that named itself after the bitchin’ Barracuda helping him out with his pronunciation difficulties.

It’s Monday, and it’s gray and rainy (which is good because it was dry dry dry around here) so let’s remind ourselves that it’s still summer, and it’s still fun. Right?

Ba-ba-rra-rra-cu-cu-da-da, baby!!

BONUS!! Not to beat a dead horse, but Jan & Dean (who I like to think of as the poor-man’s Beach Boys) are here to drive home the point, lest you ever forget, that SUMMER means FUN! (I put this track on the Spotify playlist too, ’cause it’s a fun little number.)

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