August 13

The Songs of Summer #76: ‘Bang!’ by The Raveonettes

bang-raveonettesNeed something a little more current, a little bit newer, for today’s Song of Summer. What’s it gonna be? hmmm… (sorry. just me thinking out loud. I’ll be right with you.) Bang! I’ve got an idea.

I got the song: ‘Bang!‘ by The Raveonettes. The Raveonettes are devout followers of the concept that if a loud electric guitar can make a song better, a wall of sound with a thousand droning electric guitars is even better. The Raveonettes didn’t invent this idea; far from it. The Ramones knew it, and even more so, The Jesus and Mary Chain learned in the 80’s that the best way to make a ridiculously catchy pop melody better is to layer it in with the noisy swells of shredding guitars. The Raveonettes took that idea and ran with it in the new millennium, drenching songs with classic elements dating back to the 50’s in lush, loud reverb. It’s a glorious sound…Want a little bit of personal trivia? One of their songs was responsible for literally destroying one of my car speakers. Played at extremely loud volumes like I was (and you should, they sound better), Raveonettes tunes can damage stereo equipment, and probably your hearing as well. It’s OK; it’ll be worth it.

Bang!‘ is a great example of The Raveonettes sound, from their 2009 album In and Out of Control. Really infectious melodies, retro lyrics, and a wall of guitar and electronic sounds to keep your attention.

“The kids wanna bop out in the street, fu-fu-fun…all summer long. ”

Some of the adults, too.

BONUS!! That song I mentioned earlier, the one that blew out one of my car speakers? This is it. Crank it.

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