August 14

The Songs of Summer #77: ‘Seaside Bar Song’ by Bruce Springsteen

seaside-bar-songIs there any better example of a little slice of heaven on earth than a seaside bar? Other than a well-stocked record store, I’m having trouble thinking of anything better off the top of my head…Anyway, it’s Friday, it’s still summer, and it’s hot and muggy outside. Let’s take a ride down to the shore and have a visit (our second) with Mr. Springsteen.

Seaside Bar Song‘ goes way back…It was originally recorded in 1973, and though it was played live quite a bit, the original recording didn’t see the light of day (Springsteen pun there if you know your stuff) until the 1998 box set ‘Tracks.’

springsteen-seaside-barAgain, I’m not a huge Springsteen fan, but damn if he can’t write the hell out of songs about summer. My favorite summer songs are those that just ‘sound’ like summer, and that sound is hard for me to define. This song? Well, I’d say it’s that great drum beat, and that irresistible organ sound. ‘Seaside Bar Song‘ sounds a lot like a garage rock nugget from the 60’s, and that suits me perfectly.

But the lyrics? The lyrics are pure summer. Check ’em out and tell me if this doesn’t sound like a perfect night (even if Mom gets upset and Dad beats you. I for one think it’d be worth the punishment. Oh, and of course I don’t condone child beating, and I’m pretty sure Bruce Springsteen doesn’t either. It’s a song for cripe’s sake. Let’s all lighten up a bit and have some rock n’ roll fun in the summertime.)

Seaside Bar Song

“Well, Billy bought a Chevy ’40 coupe deluxe
Chrome wheels, stick shift, give her gas, pop the clutch
Little girls on the corner like a diamond they shine
Someday, Billy, I’m gonna make ’em all mine

Hey girl, you wanna ride in Daddy’s Cadillac
Because I love the way your long hair (hey!) falls down your back
Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley at the Seaside Bar
We’ll run barefoot in the sand and listen to his guitar

You say your mama’s gonna meet you when the morning comes
Yeah, and papa’s gonna beat you because he knows you’re out on the run
I’m gonna live a life of love and tonight you’re the one

The highway is alive tonight so baby do not be frightened
There’s something about a pretty girl on a sweet summer night that gets this boy excited
The radio man finally understands and plays you something you can move to
You lay back easy, cut loose your drive power, your girl leans over, says
“Daddy can you turn that radio up any louder?”

Ah, the juke joints humming, everybody came down
Little Willie and the Soul Brooms laying all his stuff down
Well, don’t let that daylight steal your soul
Get in your wheels and roll, roll, roll, roll

Oh mama gonna meet you when the morning comes, yeah
And your daddy gonna beat you because he knows you’re out on the run
But I don’t care, I wanna live a life of love while the night’s still young
Alright now!”

– Bruce Springsteen

BONUS!! Here’s a live video of the song from last year, with a fun story behind it.

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