August 16

The Songs of Summer #79: ‘Hot in the City’ by Billy Idol

Another red hot scorcher around the country today…it’s gonna be hot in the city, hot in the country, and hotter than hell itself out west. Shit, it’s basically hot everywhere today. But I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, it is smack dab in the middle of August.

Like a lot of these Songs of Summer, this one’s by an artist that I really don’t have much interest in one way or another these days. Sure, I dug Billy Idol back in the 80’s, sure I had the Rebel Yell album (still do), and sure I enjoyed jumping around and screaming obscenities with everyone else when ‘Mony Mony‘ came on at the dances, but Billy Idol’s an artist that has been pretty much relegated to the dusty ’80’s Nostalgia’ heap in my mind.

billy-idol-hot-in-the-citySo whaddaya say? Wanna take a trip back to the 80’s with me? There’s no better song on a sweltering day like today than ‘Hot in the City.’ The shimmery backing singers, the obligatory 80’s synthesizer sounds, the Billy Idol sneer (I can’t hear him sing without picturing it)… it’s all we need for a Big 80’s Summer Flashbak.

I remember when this song was a hit the record company sent out promo copies to radio stations around the country, replacing the ‘New York!’ that Billy Idol shouts out toward the end of the tune with whatever city the station was in. I recall actually getting a little excited (just a little, really I swear) to see if I was going to hear the ‘regular’ version of ‘Hot in the City‘ or the super special ‘Grand Rapids!’ version. Does anybody else remember this?? My God, times were different back then.

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