August 20

The Songs of Summer #84: ‘Sleep Walk’ by Santo & Johnny

santo-johnny-sleep-walkSleep Walk‘ is the sound of a warm tropical breeze on a moonlit beach. The sound of the 1950’s giving way to the shiny new 1960’s.

Simply put, ‘Sleep Walk‘ is one of the coolest sounding instrumentals of any era. As far as steel-guitar based songs go, there are few as memorable as this. It was a #1 hit for Santo & Johnny Farina, two brothers from Brooklyn, in the late summer of 1959. It is a song for all time.

Oh, by the way…you know the old warning that if you wake someone who’s sleepwalking, they’ll go into shock or have a heart attack and die? Yeah, that’s pretty much just an urban legend. They’ll be fine.

Sleep Walk!

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