August 23

The Songs of Summer #88: ‘Summer Wine’ by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

nancy-sinatra-summer-wineLee Hazlewood basically made Nancy Sinatra’s career… His songs, his production, and a few memorable pop duets put Nancy on the charts in the mid to late 60’s; ‘Summer Wine,’ the B-side to Nancy’s hit ‘Sugar Town‘ is the first of these duets.

Summer Wine‘ was released in 1967, and it’s a perfect summer song for a summer day like the one we’re having right now: dark, gloomy, and stormy. Lee Hazlewood’s distinctive deep baritone voice lends an ominous tone to a song whose lyrics some have interpreted as being an allegory on drug use. Drugs, in 1967?? That’s crazy, man.

Nancy Sinatra’s mid-60’s songs are, to me, very distinctive of the “sound” of pop hit music at the time. Some may say that Nancy got to where she was because of who her father was, but that’s unfair; she had her own distinct talent, and voice, and along with Lee Hazlewood’s guidance, she found her own sound and achieved her own success.

‘Summer Wine’ was a 1967 single, and included on the outstanding 1968 album ‘Nancy & Lee’ which I highly recommend, along with almost all of Lee Hazlewood’s music. His voice may be an acquired taste, but one worth acquiring.

Enough of that; dig some ‘Summer Wine.’

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