August 24

The Songs of Summer #89: ‘Sun is Shining’ by Bob Marley & The Wailers

bob-marley-sun-is-shiningSun is shining, the weather is sweet…Summer’s almost gone, but not yet. After a stormy day yesterday, the sun is shining here today, and the air’s a really nice 68 degrees; I’ll take it.

Mid-August is now all of a sudden morphing rapidly into late August, and all the signs of the end of summer are upon us. In fact, my family is at the mall right now stocking up on new shoes, pants, shirts, jackets, probably some new undies too, for the new school year that’s now just a matter of days away. Nothing from last year fits anymore…Someday these kids will stop growing, but they’re both a bit taller today than they were yesterday, and’ll probably be a bit taller again tomorrow.

Lots of schools and colleges are already in session, and in honor of all those kids off to college, today’s song is a Bob Marley track. I still have my Bob Marley CDs purchased during my college years, and his posters still adorn more than a few college dorm rooms. Bob Marley in the summertime is a no-brainer.

Sun is Shining‘ was originally recorded by Marley in 1971, featured on his album Soul Revolution. This version, which I prefer, was a re-recording for his 1978 album Kaya.

Every day’s a minute or so shorter now this time of the year; get outside and enjoy the sunshine while you still can.

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