August 28

The Songs of Summer #94: ‘Summerlove Sensation’ by The Bay City Rollers

bay-city-rollers-summerlove-sensation…..and now for something completely different.

I don’t think a lot of people today realize what a huge friggin’ deal the Bay City Rollers were back in the day. For a short period in the mid-70’s these Scottish lads were the N*SYNC and One Direction of the day, times a thousand. While most of us probably don’t think of Scotland when we think of summer, I know I certainly don’t, the Rollers are here to prove to us all that the summer sensation we all crave is universal, and knows no boundaries, with their 1974 pop hit ‘Summerlove Sensation.’

I remember being a kid in the 70’s, visiting my friends’ house down the street…He had a teenage sister, and I not only were there Bay City Rollers records all over the place, but I also recall her bedroom wall was absolutely covered with BCR (can we just call them the BCRs from here on out? Thanks.) posters and magazine covers. There were all kinds of magazines back then (they may still be around, I don’t know) like ‘Tiger Beat’ and ‘Teen’ and ’16’ that were aimed directly at the teenage girl demographic, and for a year or two the BCRs must’ve been on every other cover (alternating with John Travolta, David Cassidy, Leif Garrett, etc.) Which was a real feat for these lads, because not only was plaid the base for their entire wardrobe, they weren’t exactly eye candy. I mean, really: bay-city-rollers

Their big hit in the U.S. was of course ‘Saturday Night.’ ‘Summerlove Sensation‘ is not a song I remember hearing on the radio back then; I’m not sure exactly when I first came upon it, but it was in the last several years. But it fulfills all the requirements of a classic summertime song: catchy sunshine lyrics about love and fun in the sun, and equally catchy pop hooks. And yes, I do realize that the beginning of the song sounds an awful lot like it should maybe be a Christmas song, but it recovers quickly into a nice little summery tune.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the BAY CITY ROLLERS !!!!

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