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The Songs of Summer #98: ‘In the Sun’ by Blondie

blondie-in-the-sunOf all the bands that exploded out of the New York punk scene of the late 70’s, none saw more popular success than Blondie. But before their big new wave hits came their debut album ‘Blondie,’ (orig. released 1976, re-released 1977) which contained this bouncy little track ‘In the Sun,’ which was also the b-side to Blondie’s very first single ‘X Offender‘ (originally titled Sex Offender, but changed so as not to offend those with highly sensitive eyes.) There’s nothing better than early Blondie, so full of the raw energy that was exploding out of the music scene at the time.

I have a bit of an obsession for the New York City of the 1970’s. Bankrupt, gritty, and crime-ridden, when Times Square was a seedy place to avoid after dark, before the entire city became a shopping mall for tourists and home to those who can afford multi-million dollar apartments…I’m not saying I’d want the city to return to those dark days of the 70’s, but I love to look back to that era. I think of Taxi Driver, the ’78 Blackout, CBGB’s, and of course I think of Blondie…and The Ramones…Television…New York Dolls…Talking Heads…Patti Smith…so many others. So much amazing culture erupting from a city on the brink of anarchy. What an exciting time it must’ve been to be young in NYC.

In the Sun‘ is Blondie’s ode to getting away, out of the gray city, to have some fun. Where? You know where. In the sun. The song, and this amazing very early video, captures the energy of Blondie and the entire manic, punky New York music scene at the time. Early synths, skinny ties, horrible dancing, zero production value…it’s all there. Oh, it’s also a catchy as hell song of summer.

BONUS!! Here’s another Blondie track, another one of my favorites. ‘Sunday Girl.’ Resistance is futile.

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