September 2

The Songs of Summer #99: ‘Sunshine (You’re Blowin’ my Cool)’ by Saun & Starr

saun-starr-sunshineAnother hot, sticky, humid day here in Michigan. In September, this can happen; it’s one of our more schizophrenic months, weather-wise. It can be gorgeous and summeresque, like today, or it can be cold, gray, and rainy. Sometimes it can be all these things in one day. It’s just something we have to get used to around here. Anyway, here’ some nice summer funk n’ soul to go with the soaring dew point.

Saun & Starr are Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan Lowe, two singers with a great backstory. They’ve known each other for decades, grew up blocks from each other, great friends who sometimes performed together around New York City. Unbeknownst to each other, both ended up auditioning for a wedding band with a lead singer by the name of Sharon Jones. Yes, that Sharon Jones. After performing throughout the 1990’s the three parted ways.

saunn-starrFast forward to 2008; Sharon Jones is now an international star with her band the Dap-Kings. The band hired Saun & Starr to be the group’s backing singers. Before long, it was determined that these two were way too talented to be consigned to backing vocals, so the duo recorded a brilliant album, ‘Look Closer,’ which was released in May of this year. ‘Sunshine (You’re Blowin’ my Cool)‘ is one of my favorite tracks from the album, and it’s now officially a (very soulful) Song of Summer. Hope you like it.

BONUS!!! Another summer funk n’ soul jam, this one from an incredible 2001 album ‘Explodes Across the Nation’ by JD and the Evil’s Dynamite Band, full of surreal funk and spooky grooves. Perfect for when the temperatures on the rise. Please excuse the title of the song; I’ll just say that the name fits the groove.

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