September 6

The Songs of Summer #103: ‘Havalina’ by The Pixies

pixies-havalinaHere we are at the penultimate Songs of Summer song of the day; I started this way back in June (or maybe even May? I can’t even remember.) as a way to share out some of my personal favorite summertime songs, as well as an exercise in getting me in the habit of a daily posting. I’ll say it has got me posting stuff daily, and that’s a goody thing. And it has been a lot of fun picking a song every day to match my summer mood. It would’ve been nice to have gotten some feedback into others’ favorite songs, but I’m afraid my daily readers are nowhere near enough to generate that kind of a discussion. For now, at least, this blog’s still a one-way street. We’ll see what happens down the road, but at least if I’m posting stuff here that means I’m at the very least tickling some of my own brain cells.

Anyway, to those few who’ve checked out the Songs of Summer somewhere along the way, I say thank you. Today’s Song of Summer, the next to last, is ‘Havalina‘ by The Pixies. The last song off their 1990 album ‘Bossanova.’ The Pixies have always had a bit of the surf sound in their music thanks to guitarist Joey Santiago, and his twang is very much evident in this ethereal, laid-back track. It’s a gentle song that, if it means anything lyrically at all, is beyond me, like many of the groups’ lyrics. But the sound to me is pure mellow summer rock.

1990 was a transitional year for me, my next to last year at college, when most of my university education was behind me and my thoughts were turning over towards determining what I was going to do with the rest of my life. If I ever figure out that cosmic question, you’ll be the first to know. The 80’s were turning into the 90’s, and I was turning into an adult. Or at least trying to. I had fallen in love with the music of The Pixies a couple of years earlier, and Bossanova, while not considered among their best works, struck a chord with me during that late summer and autumn of ’90. It got a lot of play on the various tape decks that year, in the car, at the pool, and everywhere else. And for that reason, ‘Havalina‘ is a Song of Summer to me.

Stick around for tomorrow’s very last Songs of Summer posting for the summer of 2015!

BONUS!! Another great track from Bossanova. ‘And when the planets hit the sun, I saw the face of Allison.”

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