September 7

The Songs of Summer Finale

beach-boys-summers-goneWell, here we are. The End. The Songs of Summer Finale. Are you ready for summer, and this seemingly never-ending playlist, to be over? I think I am. It’s time.

Labor Day, as you all know, signifies the “official” end of summer, even though there’s several weeks of summer left before the autumnal equinox changes things over to Fall. In fact, we often have some of the most beautiful summer-like weather after Labor Day, but let’s face it: Summer Summer is done for another year. The dreaded feelings that kids everywhere have been feeling for several weeks are over, as they head back to school.

I’ve been thinking about the “end of summer,” and why it brings such feelings of melancholy for so many, and I do believe that as adults we feel the way we do about the end of summer because of the feelings we had as kids about going back to school. You remember; all those endless days of being carefree and unstructured with no homework and nothing but fun, and then all of a sudden BANG! you’re back in the world of school, and work, and homework, and early bedtimes and earlier mornings. It sucked, and we all knew it, and we all hated watching those last few remaining days of summer freedom slip through our fingers. That feeling gets buried deep in our brains, and as we get older and assume the responsibilities of being adults, those dreadful thoughts resurface every year about this time, even though for most of us summer is just another season of work. It’s the memory of “going back to school,” and it’s watching our own children suffer as we did, that brings about these feelings. That’s what I think, anyway, but like most things, what the hell do I know?

I do know that these are the last of the Songs of Summer. They’re fairly self-explanatory.

Dusty Springfield ‘Summer is Over

dusty-springfield-summer-is-overThe greatest female pop vocalist ever? Dusty’s got my vote.

“The night runs away with the day
The grass that was green is now hay
The world goes around without even a sound
And it looks like the summer is over…

The sun and the moon take turns in the sky
The days drift on by too soon
The meadows are kissed by a cool autumn mist
Far away now is June

The birds fly away to the sun
The leaves touch the ground one by one
The breeze hurries by without even goodbye
And it looks like the summer is over”

The Beach Boys ‘Summer’s Gone

Of course I’m ending this thing like I started it, with a Beach Boys song. If you didn’t see this coming, then you really don’t know me very well. The last track on The Beach Boys’ way-better-than-it-deserved-to-be 2012 comeback album “That’s Why God Made the Radio.” Brian Wilson shows that after all these years, he’s still a master at crafting amazingly beautiful songs and gorgeous harmonies. This song is kind of heavy, the last of a 4 song suite at the end of the album that Consequence of Sound called “a funeral dirge full of majesty,”written from the point of view of a 70-year old looking back at a life full of memories. But that’s life, isn’t it? It’s melancholy, but hey, it’s the end of summer. Here’s hoping Summer 2015 was full of memories that you’ll look back at someday and remember fondly….

“Summer’s gone
Summer’s gone away
Gone away
With yesterday

Old friends have gone
They’ve gone their separate ways
Our dreams hold on
For those who still have more to say

Summer’s gone
Gone like yesterday
The nights grow cold
It’s time to go
I’m thinking maybe I’ll just stay

Another summer gone

Summer’s gone
It’s finally sinking in
One day begins
Another ends
I live them all and back again

Summer’s gone
I’m gonna sit and watch the waves
We laugh, we cry
We live then die
And dream about our yesterday…”

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