September 24

A Short History of the (Short) Golden Age of Surf Music

The Ventures, 1960
The Ventures, 1960
Hey, what’s up everybody… Well, it’s official. Summer’s over. Before I leave my Songs of Summer Extravaganza in the rearview mirror, I wanted to share this article I came across about the heyday of the surf music craze.

Quite a few of my Songs of Summer were surf tunes, and it’s a genre I absolutely love (even if it’s often best enjoyed in modest amounts.) The surf music craze happened during that gap in the early to mid-60’s between the first generation of rock and roll music of Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, etc. etc., and the resurgence of rock music in the form of The Beatles and the rest of the British Invasion. I think it’s hard for us today to imagine just how surf instrumental music dominated the rock scene during this brief period. Could you imagine radio today if every third song was an instrumental? (Or good??)

It’s a fascinating, informative little article from, of all places, The Wall Street Journal. Click HERE to check it out, and keep crankin’ that surf music. Twangin’ guitars forever!!

While I’ve got you here, how about one last blast of surf tunes to celebrate the passing of Summer 2015? What do you say? No? Too bad!!! (I swear though, after this, no more summer-themed stuff. Not until next summer.)

This isn’t classic-era surf music…The surf genre was never as popular as it was during those golden years of the early 60’s, but it never really died away. There’s always been an underground surf music scene of varying healths over the years…This track is from one of my favorite “modern” surf bands, The Bomboras, from the late 1990’s.

Here’s to Autumn!!

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