October 5

Gun Violence and the NRA

gun-showHere we are again, another mass gun killing has rocked our nation, this time taking 9 innocent lives in Oregon. Just another in an endless procession of shootings that we’ve become all but numb to.

The perpetrator of this latest massacre, it has been revealed, had a mother who was a “gun enthusiast” (I’ll go ahead and call her a gun nut, if you don’t mind.) who was stockpiling guns because she was convinced that the government was going to confiscate them. Now, call me crazy, but if you’re stockpiling guns and ammo because you’re afraid the government’s going to come to your house to confiscate them, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that you probably didn’t need them in the first place. I’ve been listening to people bitch about “Obama coming for their guns,” the very guns they just ran out and bought because he’s going to come for them, for seven years now, and it’s getting a little old. I mean, I’ve heard this from so many people over the last few years that it actually kind of frightens me a little bit. I’ve heard it from people who I wouldn’t characterize as ‘gun nuts’ or paranoid or anything close to it. But there they are, bragging about how armed and ready they are for the inevitable day when the tanks roll in and the President himself knocks on the door with his jack-booted thugs to cart off the precious hardware. If he is coming for your guns, he’s kind of running out of time. (spoiler alert: he’s not coming. Nobody is. Stand down.)

The whole mania over gun ownership and the sacred 2nd Amendment is all just a bunch of, well, it’s all just a bunch of ridiculous bullshit cooked up by the NRA. What so many people don’t see, don’t even realize because they’re too busy polishing up the assault rifle that Mr. Obama’s going to have to pry from their cold dead hands, is that the NRA is simply a corporate lobbying group, a lobbying group whose sole reason for existence is to maximize the profits of the firearm industry, and to lobby for favorable legislation (or lack thereof) by the government.

The NRA long ago touched upon a brilliant marketing campaign: “THE GOVERNMENT” is going to take your guns, so you should go out now and buy as many as you can and can’t afford before it’s TOO LATE!! because that’s your by-God given right! Get enough people riled up and fueled with paranoia, then sit back and watch the billions roll in. If there’s an award for the Best Industry Lobbying Performance of All Time, you’ve got to give it to the NRA, hands down. I suppose the only downside to their massive success is that occasionally one of the people they’ve done such a good job of frightening goes a little bit, well they just go a little bit off the deep end, and wind up taking some of their guns to a movie theater, or a college, or a kindergarten classroom, and start gunning innocent men, women, and kindergartners down in cold blood. Whoops! Oh well, they say, a few murdered Americans is the price the rest of us pay for our beloved 2nd Amendment. But what I’m trying to say, what I’m trying to get across, is that it’s not about some centuries old outdated, misinterpreted amendment; it’s only about the money, the money money money, that’s all it’s ever been about to the NRA, and it’s obvious that nothing, no amount of school shootings is ever going to get in their way. In fact, to the gun industry the only obvious solution is SELLING MORE GUNS, because of course it is. Sell more guns! Why would an industry that makes guns and profits from the sale of guns think any differently?

I don’t get it. I really don’t. I don’t understand how this nation, unlike every other civilized, developed nation on Earth, lets these levels of uncontrolled gun violence simply continue. Someone tweeted after Sandy Hook that if a classroom of dead 5-year olds doesn’t do anything to change the way guns are sold and licensed in this country, it’s obvious that nothing will. It sure seems that way. But I think, I really really hope, that there is the early beginnings of a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

I think that, with each mass shooting, a few more Americans wake up and begin to realize that the line the NRA is feeding us all is complete bullshit. As more and more of us stand up, and speak out to our elected officials that gun violence is out of control, the NRA loses just a little bit more of its hold over our nation, and loses just a little bit more of its credibility.

I have nothing against gun owners. Most gun owners are responsible and safe with their firearms, and know how to properly use them without putting others in danger. But let’s face it: Guns are designed for one thing, and one thing only. To kill other living things. If making the owning of a gun about as difficult, and expensive, as possible, and if putting sensible restrictions on the types of weapons, and the number of weapons, and the amount of ammunition, civilians can own is ‘gun control,’ then I guess I’m all for some gun control. And no, that doesn’t mean the ‘government’s coming for your guns.’ That tired old played-out NRA carny act b.s.has had its day. That kind of knee-jerk paranoia-driven reaction is no longer useful. I’m tired of watching victim after victim taken from us by some psychotic with a gun. Guns do kill people. People kill people. It’s far past the time for us to take some serious steps toward preventing it from happening again. It’s time for us to grow up, take our government back from the corporations and the lobbyists (ALL of them), and start making this the kind of place we can all grow old in, safely, and together. We’re awash in guns. We have enough. Let’s have less….Anyway, that’s how I see it.


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